Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Sundays Mean From Now On. It starts with Chunky Chocolate Cookies!

If this blog post were written down on a piece of paper there would be a few crumbs left behind. I couldn’t think of a better way to begin my Sunday series: between now and Easter Sunday, EVERY SUNDAY, you’ll find food and creature comfort on my blog that’s worthy of your Sunday best. That old saying “your Sunday best” refers to so much more than clothes. It’s a state of mind—when you’re in the mood to roll out something extra special.
That being said, there’s nothing better than home baked cookies. Picture it: a little coffee klatch after church, where there’s a cookie exchange, or better yet, blue winter skies, great smelling cookies straight out of the oven and hence the perfect excuse to take a batch of treats over to a friend. Chocolate, peanut butter, lemon and sugar, ginger bread, oatmeal, cranberry and pecan….the litany of possibilities when it comes to Christmas cookies is longer than that holiday parade you can hear coming down your street.

Cookies are such a grand idea when it comes to gifts, that the concept is practically a franchise at Christmastime. Everyone is doing it; packaging up their homemade creations, and bringing them over to friends and family with a big smile. It’s affordable, it’s sweet and if you have a reputation for making really good cookies, people actually look forward to it. Seriously! They’re so used to enjoying your holiday confections, that seeing you come over with that loaded December plate helps them know it must be that time of year again. Drag out the treadmill, folks. Those cookies are goin' down with a big ol' glass of milk!
So in the spirit of all this, I’d like to introduce my Sunday Best Chunk Cookies. What makes them worthy of the Sunday badge? Well, in a word: add-ins! You can take the basic cookie recipe from the back of the semi-sweet chocolate package, and add anything—virtually ANYTHING sweet—to make it your personal best. For instance, I used Ghirardelli’s 70% Cacao Extra Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bar and their White Chocolate bar to make these chunk cookies.

Last Sunday when I made them, it was a teachable moment indeed. I learned that toasting the walnuts for a few minutes in my preheating oven, gives the cookies an extra nutty crunch! The oats, aforementioned walnuts and two different kinds of coarsely chopped chocolate helped these cookies earn the name “chunk”! 
So spend a couple of minutes this Sunday creating your own favorite chunk cookies and share them with everyone at Life is Sweet. If you don’t stop and have a cookie every once in a while, you could miss it!

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