Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Like Mother, Like Son

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…but you have to stop in Fresh Market’s seafood department first. One of these stores finally opened near my son (the Lauderdale based one, Christopher J. Morgan) early this year.

Word on the street (424 N Federal Highway) is they signed a 15-year lease, a thought that delighted me shopping those exceedingly well stocked aisles, full service meat counters, and bakeries with at least 14 different kinds of fresh pies on daily rotation. I must have been drinking the artisan flavored Kool-Aid that day, because we really booked in Seafood—I stocked Chris’ freezer with enough Fresh Market salmon and sea bass to feed an army—or at least one really hungry guy before our visit ended and it was time to go home to North Carolina.

It’s such a treat to check into Facebook. I can see what my entire family is up to (don’t read that and unfriend me!)—including Chris who’s been photographing his healthy and elegant fish dinners since our Pescatarian spree. Microsoft Word highlights “pescatarian” in red every time I write it. Well, they should. It’s a fairly new concept; at least it is to me. It means that you don’t eat chicken, beef, pork—or any kind of meat anymore, except for fish. I don’t think Chris is a full-fledged Pescatarian yet, but he has been eating healthier lately and looks great. Perhaps he was paying attention to my research when I wrote Gorgeous, because he reminded me of what fishy diets can do for you:   
What the Pescatarians go fishing for:    

·         escape from saturated fat
·         reduction in cholesterol levels
·         increase of essential vitamins and minerals
·         huge dose of lean protein
Those who know me, know I’m big on healthy lifestyle changes, and eating better than I’m sure he ever did in college, is of course something I want to commend Chris for doing right now…but I’m an even bigger foodie, so the way he cooked and plated that fish pleased me all the more. Look at the pics I ran with this blog! Isn’t it all gorgeous? His approach was nice and simple: Chris’ Salmon is a flavor palette for cilantro, rosemary, thyme and a half clove of garlic. His Sea Bass Over Spinach is another revelation; it can’t be improved upon. Though I do cast a suspicious eye at that blue and white china plate. Could that be mine, by any chance?   

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