Monday, September 20, 2010

Host a Happier Halloween With the Ultimate Party Plan!

Dear Fellow Foodies,

With October 31st just around the dark and spooky corner, it’s definitely time to pre-plan your strategy for Halloween night—perhaps the most ideal day in the entire year to hold an Open House. Why? Well, er…I’m not exactly physic, but I do believe this holiday brings many a guest with a sweet tooth to your front door : )!! There’s really no trick to the delicious treats on this party menu—better yet, the weary parents of trick-or-treaters will positively adore the respite your offering of warm, creamy soups bring on a cold pre-winter’s night—and if that doesn’t warm them up, your spicy cornbread will. I’m betting even the little skeletons coming to your door find something that sticks to their ribs!

Now…I apologize if you have hosting chops already, but just in case that department in your brain needs its cobwebs cleared, I’ve provided some notes on how far in advance you need to prepare each of the items on this menu, how to showcase them on your buffet table, and other tricks of the trade…just insert my party-loving cackle here!

My Halloween Menu…Isn’t it a Scream?

Menu notes:
About the Salad
: If you generally get a huge Halloween crowd, save yourself some hassle and eliminate the lettuce bowls—simply tear the lettuce and add it to your other salad ingredients; arrange & toss salad just 30 minutes before guests start to arrive.
About the Soups: Halloween falls on a Sunday this year; make the soups on Saturday, cover them and refrigerate. Make sure your buffet table is graced with plenty of mugs and soupspoons!
About the cake: Bake it, frost it. Cover and refrigerate it on Saturday night
About the cornbread and muffins: these guys can wait until an hour or two before the first guests are expected to trickle in…after all, you want them to smell good things to eat as they approach your front door…!

Table décor tip that channels Martha’s spirit:

Carve a Pumpkin with a purpose; sure they make wonderful candlelight play over your goodies when they’re lit up as jack-o-lanterns, but pumpkins are also WONDERFUL soup terrines—just hollow them out and fill them up; remember not to discard the pumpkin’s lid, as keeping it on between servings ensures a warmer soup!

How You’ll Spend Halloween…from waking in the morning, to cleaning up afterward in the wee hours of November 1st…

On Halloween morning, set up your buffet table as close to the front door as possible and get to work preparing your salad ingredients.

On Halloween Eve, when you expect to hear your doorbell ring and the adorable trill of “Trick-or-Treat” begin any minute, set candy in a bowl and don your costume.

Bon Appetite, everyone! Rumor has it your parties get rave reviews…even if "boos" are allowed this time of year!!

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