Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Foolproof Food Day Gives Us Something Comforting & Cozy to Make

April 1st. Could there be a better time to write a Foolproof Food post that features—get this—a recipe FROM someone named April? Almost seems like divine intervention, especially since her Cajun Trash Heap recipe, one of many on ALN Cooks! is so ideal for a spring cleaning day. Don’t be fooled by the name of the dish; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, particularly in this case. Just check this out:

What April has created, is a casserole that has a place in the Comfort Food Hall of Fame. Among its ingredients are Cajun chicken sausage baked in a toss of Granny Smith apples and Dutch yellow baby potatoes dressed in whatever southern spices and beer you’ve got on hand. The good news is the recipe leaves enough brew behind to have a nice pre-dinner cocktail.  

Here Comfort Food and CHAOS Cancel Each Other Out

Even on those “see to your house” kind of work days, there comes a point when we put our feet up and chow down.  We experience these moments year round, but the focus on spring cleaning hits just as that faux green grass from our Easter baskets tangles itself up in the vacuum. Provided you’ve worked long and hard enough, any casserole tastes like heaven when you can finally sit down and enjoy it. So imagine the euphoria when you manage to make something special—it’s recipes like the one featured today that make you reconsider that pizza delivery.  If April or any other likeminded foodie friend were to write a cookbook that featured ideal suppers for days when you’re homebound and bone tired from chores, I know a lot of people who’d buy it!   

#1 on Chore List: Make Something Tasty!

A domestic diva I found online said it best, claiming that a mess in your house creates CHAOS or “Can’t have anyone over syndrome”.  I imagine that a couple helpings of wonderfully prepared comfort food can turn that around, so I encourage you to try April’s recipe next time you spend the day doing any of the following chores: 

1.  Cleaning out your refrigerator from top to bottom
2.  Having an admin day and getting all your paper clutter ready for that Earth Day shreddathon
3.  Purging your closets of stuff that would be happier at Goodwill
4.  Washing and detailing the car 
5.  And…I almost forgot…cleaning out the garage, attic or whatever room in your domicile needs the most intervention before the producers of Hoarders contact you to appear on the show; ALN Cooks served up her comforting sausage bake after spending all day cleaning out the garage.  

I think you’ll appreciate how April’s recipe is clever enough to get you out of washing the dishes tonight.  You’ll just have to try it to see what I mean. Oh, and please feel free to check in with news of what’s for dinner at your house, when you’re keeping house. I’ve got a few (hundred) slow cooker meals and freezer pleasers up my sleeve if you need one!
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